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The Bridge to Literacy Project connects children at risk for illiteracy
with sponsors who want to help get books into these children's hands.
As a children’s author, I am giving 100% of my time and proceeds from
Read to Me! and The Same Heart to the Bridge2Literacy Project.

I invite you to be a part of the Bridge2Literacy Team! 
We can make a difference one child and one book at a time.


Be a part of the


1. Read to a child!

Any place is a great place to read!

2. Buy a book!

When you buy a book,
we give a book to a child at risk for illiteracy.

3. Sponsor a book!

Talk with Chris about helping fund her next
book to be given to parenting organizations and
children's literacy programs.

For every dollar we invest
in early education, we save $8
in future social services.

When you read these books to a child, three things happen:
they learn reading skills, they learn values, and they feel loved.

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Literacy Facts

Did you know? The more books a child owns or borrows
from the library, the more years a child will spend in school.

The most important time to read to a child is from birth to five
years old. But there are benefits to reading together at every age.

If children read well by the third grade, they

     • are happier, healthier, and more confident

     • are more involved in safe, positive activities

     • get better grades in every subject

     • are more likely to graduate from high school

     • get better jobs and help create better communities

     • develop a better ability to focus

     • grow up to have more successful families

When you take a little time to read to your child today,
you make a big difference in the future

Children are our best investment in making a difference in the lives
of individuals and our communities.

Encourages the love of reading.

Promotes love of self and others.

Education and love are the best foundation
we can provide for our children.

Us On


Reading Tips

I. Read to your child every day.

2. Have fun rhyming and saying new words.

3. Use alphabet books to teach children
   to identify letters and make their sounds.

4. Read the words that are around you on signs,
  stores and cereal boxes.

5. Ask questions or point out things in books
   as you read.

6. Take your child to the library often, and be
  sure to keep plenty of books available at home.

7. Have fun! Enjoy your time reading together!

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