Are we the SAME, or are we DIFFERENT?
Could both of these be true?
Let’s get a little closer, and look at me and you!

The Same Heart encourages the reader to look at faces, feelings and thoughts to discover how we are both different and alike. Using simple direct language, the message is clear that while our features appear different, they provide us with the same experiences. Joyful rhymes show children that everyone is different on the outside, but in all the ways that matter most, we are the same.

Yes, we are DIFFERENT on the outside, but inside you can see We all share the SAME HEART, it connects you and me!

Text in English and Spanish is amplified by call out words in major languages, and illustrations created by students celebrate the beauty of individual faces in the rich landscape of diversity. The Same Heart provides children with respect for every individual’s uniqueness and the importance of finding connection.



The Same Heart is the perfect book to share diversity in our multicultural society. Children not only see and read about
children like themselves and their friends, they also get a lesson
in acceptance and compassion. The Same Heart is great for elementary, pre-elementary, and children of any age. We love
it and our students loved participating in it.

       Jeff Amerson

       Principal, Edgar Allan Poe Elementary School

Acceptance, compassion, kindness and forgiveness are topics
I discuss with children and parents daily to inspire well being.
The Same Heart brilliantly captures the essence of oneness

in which children of all cultures can relate. My six year old son
loves this book and he is not an easy sell! His endorsement speaks
as loud as mine!

       Denise McDermott M.D.

       Mother, Child Psychiatrist

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