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Read to Me

Where's the best place to read a book?

The children in this bright and bold picture book
proclaim that any place is a good place to share
a story. And colorful collages featuring delightful cut
outs made by children in a collaborative art project illustrate that there is no end to the places that are
just right for reading.

With light-hearted rhyme and repetition, Read to Me!
will captivate children and remind grownups that the magic of reading can happen here, there and everywhere!

I like to bring a book with me everywhere I go.

I like to read about new things and see what I don’t know.

I like to read the words and see the pictures too.

And you know what I really like?

I like to read with you!

So let’s stop for a moment, wherever we may be.

Any place is a good place for you to read to me!

When you buy
a book ... we give
a book to a child
at risk for illiteracy.


Schema: hearing a book read aloud

This is one of those special books that a parent or caregiver will
never tire of re-reading aloud to little ones. Rhyming text will have your listeners memorizing the book and saying it with you quickly.

Children love to share in reading a predictive text with a repetitive phrase. The phrase “read to me,” will give young readers a part of
the story that they can say with you each time. The idea that reading can take place anywhere we are is shown as the author shows reading taking place at home in a chair, on the floor, in between chores such as cooking and laundry, outdoors, in the car, on a boat, traveling, at the park, in the bath tub, and in bed. Each page is
brightly illustrated in collage art.

Tips for parents about the importance of reading to a child are included. This book would be a great gift for new parents.

       Texas Librarian

This rhyming book is fun for children to listen to. It’s a fun reminder
to adults that reading to children is important. Read to Me! is just
plain fun!

       Andrea White, Award-winning Author,
       Civic Leader and First Lady of Houston

What a great book for kindergarten teachers! I received this book
as a gift and have used it to promote creativity and excitement in reading at the beginning of the school year in my classroom! The children love reporting about the new places they have read a book!
I also use it for a writing prompt. Each child chooses their favorite place to read and writes and illustrates a page for our class book!
It inspires kids to find fun and joy as they read in their regular everyday life! Thanks Chris for the wonderful resource! EVERY kindergarten teacher needs this book!

       Dee Robino

Read to Me! is a fun book with an important message I want to
share! It has become my “go to” gift for birthdays, baby showers, teachers, new parents, grandparents and more!

Literacy and spending quality time with your child can make a difference in our children’s lives and in our world. Read to Me! is
a delightful book with bright illustrations that is a great way to introduce the joy of reading to the youngest readers.

       Cindy Wilmers

A delightful new book from
award-winning author and literacy activist Chris Bridge

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