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Spring is Coming

How does this bird know that spring is coming? ?De donde crees que vinieron estas flores? and other important questions lead children and their parents through a delightful investigation of the wonders of spring. Vibrant cutouts almost leap off the page to engage even the youngest and squirmiest and let them know – this book is for them. In English and Spanish, every page reminds us of our own discovery of the magic in the air at the first hint
of spring, gently encouraging curiosity and learning.

Yes, something is stirring…
It’s happening below,
Above us, around us,
We sense it! We know!
Oh yes, we know,
That spring is coming!

Sí, un nuevo resplandor
Nace por debajo del terreno,
Por encima y a nuestro alrededor.
¡Se ve! ¡Se siente su estreno!
¡Sí, se escucha su estruendo!
¡La primavera su llegada está haciendo!

When you buy
a book ... we give
a book to a child
at risk for illiteracy.

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“Chris Bridge has written a must read children’s book that also appeals to parents interested in developing their children’s early literacy skills. This book plants seeds on many levels that help
a foundation for future success!”

       John Robinson, Director of Education,

       Houston Area Urban League, National Scholastic Facilitator/Keynote

“Chris Bridge has once again created a masterful children’s book
filled with eye-catching illustrations and an uplifting message through poetry.”

      Julie Baker Finck, PH.D., President,

      Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation

“Spring is Coming! brings a message of love and hope through transformation. We can teach our children that change happens
not only with the seasons, but within our lives. An inspiring
reminder for ALL!”

       Denise McDermott M.D., Mother, Child Psychiatrist

Spring Is Coming helps parents kindle their
little readers’ curiosity with the wonder of spring.


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