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Red Envelopes

What could be in the red envelope?

Red Envelopes celebrates the joy of giving and receiving unexpected messages of love any day of the year. Why wait for the calendar to decide when to brighten someone’s day? Sending red envelopes brings joy to both the sender and the lucky person who receives one!

Red Envelopes can be placed in unexpected places – not just sent in the mail. The book includes a list of items
readers might want to put in envelopes –
a penny for good luck, a balloon for joy
and many other meaningful tokens – and
invites readers to share their ideas about
who they would like to send a red
envelope to and why. Their answers often
provide insights that open the door to
deeper understanding about their lives.

What’s in the red envelope?
Come discover the answer in this
delightful, bilingual rhyming picture book
and just imagine all the people who might
like to receive a surprise message of love!

Red Envelopes
is also available at Target, Walmart and
Barnes & Noble.


“Red Envelopes is a beautiful story of giving that is sure
to evoke emotion and inspire children to write their own messages, tuck them in a red envelope, and send to someone special.”

        Julie Baker Fink, PH.D.
        President Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation

“Red Envelopes is a heart-warming book filled with fun, but it also provides emotional benefits. When you ask a child who they would like to send a note
to and why, their answers become a window into their world as well as an opportunity to express their feelings. Giving and receiving a note in a red envelope makes everyone’s world brighter!”

       Denise McDermott, M.D.
       Child Psychiatrist

Open the red envelope and discover the joy of
sharing unexpected messages of love and encouragement!

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